Här är alla vinnare i årets Nordic Game Awards

Nu har vinnarna i i årets Nordic Game Awards avslöjats och Sverige är väl representerat i vinnarskaran. Årets gala visar att norden i allra högsta grad fortfarande är en region att räkna med när det kommer till spelskapande.

Här följer årets alla pristagare.

Best Art

The unique visual style of this modern masterpiece brings the player back to the golden age of music videos and demoscene. Fluid visual motion, beauty of the choreography and the ever surprising world design show us that games as an art form can redefine itself again and again.

Juryns motivering

Vinnare: Sayonara Wild Hearts från Simogo (Sweden)

Best Fun for Everyone

Do you remember when you changed the rules in «Monopoly» in your favor? This years most fun for all is like that – all the time – only that the shoe is on the other foot, or covered in milk. It is kind of like if Monty Python made a sportsgame. Two cups of sugar. Take a left on the next turnpike, please. It is really fun, or unique. Or both?I forget which.

Juryns motivering

Vinnare: What the Golf? från Triband (Denmark)

Best Technology

New technology brings new opportunities. Sometimes it’s a foundation for something brand new, but sometimes it’s an opportunity to take something great and make it spectacular. The winning game amplifies the atmosphere of the game world while simultaneously adding depth and richness to the gameplay

Juryns motivering

Vinnare: Control från Remedy Entertainment (Finland)

Best Debut

If Buster Keaton were armed with guns in a John Woo-directed «The Matrix» – and only if it was a comedy and crossed with «Max Payne» in 2D. Or something like that. It’s really violent and hilarious, but most importantly it is instantly fun!

Juryns motivering

Vinnare: My Friend Pedro från Deadtoast (Sweden)

Best Game Audio

Audio can be the shortest way to the soul. In this game, every part of the game lives and breathes in its own subdued rhythm through the audio. The game even acknowledges the collaborative nature of music, inviting you to create life intertwined with music.

Juryns motivering

Vinnare: Mutazione från Die Gute Fabrik (Denmark)

Best Game Design

Game design is about deciding what the player can and cannot do. Often the design is hidden within beautiful production. Sometimes it is laid bare in front of the player. This game really pushes the boundaries of the game worlds. It asks us a philosophical question: “who rules?” But does it provide an  answer?

Juryns motivering

Vinnare: Baba is You från Hempuli Oy (Finland)

Best VR/XR

Extended reality gives us a new perspective into gaming. Its goal is to bring virtual experiences as close to real experiences as possible. The winning game is beautiful, fun, and thought provoking where the virtual reality platform plays a key role in connecting us both to the world and the events.

Juryns motivering

Vinnare: Ghost Giant från Zoink Games (Sweden)

Nordic Game of the Year – Small Screen

There is nothing predictable when this audiovisual rollercoaster takes you for a dance across the screen. The minimalistic, yet dizzyingly beautiful visuals set you up in the cart and the catchy music pushes you forward in a million miles a hour. It’s easy to learn, but not hard to love.

Juryns motivering

Vinnare: Sayonara Wild Hearts från Simogo (Sweden)

Jury’s Special Mention

I år valde juryn att dela ut ett hedersomnämnande

Beside all the fun and business, modern games handle serious issues and important phenomena. Depression, burnout and apathy can make us feel insignificant. This game shows us that we are more than just gears of a giant machine. There are colors among the shades of gray.

Juryns motivering

Årets hedersomnämnande: Mosaic från Krillbite Studio (Norway)

Nordic Game of the Year 2020

All disciplines in the studio comes together creating frames containing immense godlike freedom in this year’s Nordic Game of the Year. Not as groundbreaking as it is unique in atmosphere, and drawing you into a mystic and surreal world which David Lynch would be proud to call his own – and thus making an experience that could only have been done in the world’s most important medium. 

Juryns motivering

Vinnare: Control från Remedy Entertainment (Finland)

Grattis till alla vinnare säger vi på Varvat. Det är alltid lika roligt och fascinerande att få följa Nordens spelunder på nära håll.

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